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Linas Kondrackis
AI Graduate - Robotics Developer - Deep Learning Enthusiast


Visual SLAM Practice (In Progress)

Programming a Self-Driving Car

Path Planning of a simulated car (with faulty simulator)

PID Control and calibration using Twiddle

Localization of a Kidnapped Vehicle

Extended Kalman Filter for position estimation

Behavioural Cloning to Drive a Simulated Vehicle

Traffic Sign Classification

Advanced lane line detection

Simple lane line detection

A YouTube polling server for detecting deleted videos

GPU-trained CNN for distinguishing cats from dogs

A trial run of A. Karpathy's Policy Gradient learning

Augmenting a Robotic Model of Fiddler Crab Interaction

3D Reconstruction Evaluation

Image Classification using DNN and CNN

Person Detection in series of images

Strategically navigating a fixed arena with a Khepera II

System Design Project - Making a Football Robot

PID control exploration for self-balancing robot

Multiple 'robot' tracking in images

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